Tree Service in Columbus, OH

No tree service in Columbus is complete unless you get expert advice and quality, safe work from start to finish. From regular maintenance to removal, you want only healthy trees gracing your property. Tree service is essential outdoor maintenance for homeowners.

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Sometimes we’re called “tree doctors”
A tree doctor helps you when you have a damaged tree. And like your doctor, he can provide preventative care. When your tree needs help or you want managed care, we provide a fully trained and experienced doctor.

When to call for tree service in Columbus:
A storm has caused damage. The “doctor” is on call 24/7.
There are cracks in the trunk or major limbs, not always caused by a storm.
There are branches that appear dead or have too few leaves.
You may spot wilted or dead leaves before autumn.
In summer, you may notice that the leaves of your tree are lighter in color than they should be.
You spot decaying areas.
You see mushroom-shaped fungi at the base of the trunk.

We save many trees. If not, your tree removal will be safe and affordable You want your home and garage, surrounding structures, other trees and landscaping untouched during tree removal. Because space is often tight, climbing the tree and cutting-and-lowering branches by hand guarantees perfect, safe extraction. We safely grind stumps and branches on site. This method of tree service in Columbus saves you money because there is not labor to haul them away. In the trained hands of our crews, tree removal or stump removal is an efficient process.

Why this is not a do-it-yourself job A strong argument for tree service in Columbus is the advice of a major home and garden TV channel about tree removal: “Chainsaws can be…extremely dangerous. If a large tree needs to be removed, consult a tree removal specialist.” A national arboretum website advises, “…with fallen and damaged trees…a professional should be hired. (They) are properly equipped. The removal or pruning of large trees can be dangerous and should not be taken lightly.”

Preventive maintenance saves you money. Professional tree service in Columbus increases the life expectancy of your trees, which avoids removal. Removing dead branches or trees before they fall on your home can be a money and life saver. As Ben Franklin said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

Regular maintenance guarantees pests and infections invade. Spraying discourages both. Aerating encourages healthy growth. Growth can be naturally managed. Our tree service in Columbus utilizes the five “Cs”:

  1. Crown Cleaning: removing dead, dying, or crowded branches from inside the tree.
  2. Crown Reduction or shaping. Expert trimming on the outer crown of the tree to decrease the weight and strain on the stems of certain trees.
  3. Crown Thinning: Your tree needs light and air moving through its branches in order to thrive. Thinning involves extracting specific inner branches to encourage stimulating light and necessary air flow.
  4. Crown Raising: tree service in Columbus is often used to create clearance around nearby buildings, parking, driveways and walkways. Our experts remove only the most necessary lower branches.
  5. Crown Restoration: This is the follow-up to emergency tree service due to storm damage, accident or vandalism. Proper pruning allows the tree to restore its crown and regain its shape.

Back to Benjamin Franklin, who said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This philosophy is the essence of modern tree service.

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