The Most Efficient Process for Removing a Tree

Removing a tree from your property is specialized work and should always be done by a professional. Whether you need to take down one or an acre full, too many people are hurt every year trying to do it themselves. Use professionals for your personal safety, and to protect your property and that around you.

When you own any kind of property, chances are you’ll eventually need to remove a tree. It takes far more than a simple chainsaw cut at the bottom to bring a large specimen safely to the ground. There are many reasons for taking one down:

  • Storm damage
  • The tree crashed into your home or other structures (or threatens to)
  • It may be diseased and dying or already dead
  • Limbs have become tangled with power lines
  • A tree could simply be standing in the way of progress. New construction and home renovations often require the removal of one or more trees

Removing a tree is extremely complicated, technical and in certain situations, it can be hazardous. Felling requires procedural climbing and specialized equipment. You need technicians that are highly skilled experts in removal.

How the Experts Do It

When removing a tree that is in close proximity to a home or other structure, or to save nearby trees, taking one down requires an approach that rivals surgery – a series of precise cuts and protective steps. We use a system of ropes and pulleys to take it down, one piece at a time. A climber will begin at a carefully-chosen position near the top, where he will use a rope to tie off the section to be cut. He will use a chainsaw to make a 90 degree undercut in a V-shape. The cut will serve as a guide to aim the in the direction of the intended fall.

Next will come a back-cut made about two inches higher than the undercut. The back-cut will release the stress on the back and allow the section to fall in the proper direction. Once the section has been separated, the ropes and pulleys will be used to lower the cut section to the ground. There it will be trimmed of branches, cut into two-foot sections and loaded on a truck for removal. It’s a time-consuming process but it’s safe and will avoid any property damage or hazard to people.

Removing a Tree: Causes of Emergencies

  • Wind damage during a violent or tropical storm
  • Large branch loss because of heavy icing
  • Lightning strike damage from severe weather can make a tree dangerously unstable and even split it down the middle
  • Age or disease simply caused it to topple onto power lines or a home

In these types of emergency situations you are looking for a tree service that is available around the clock. 24-hour response should be one of their specialties, with teams just a phone call away when you’re in need of immediate help after a storm.

Tips for Hiring a Tree Service

  1. Always get an estimate that includes job details, services expected and final cost.
  2. Check references (unless it is an emergency). A qualified removal service should readily provide names of satisfied clients and a method of contact to confirm qualifications.
  3. Ask for proof of insurance. The work can be hazardous and the company doing the work should have easily attainable proof of liability insurance and workman’s comp.

Removing a tree requires a team of experts. Let our team be your removal solution – 24/7.

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