Learn More About Clearing Land with a Lot of Trees

Clearing land with numerous trees is complicated and labor-intensive. It is an inherently dangerous process in untrained hands. When the time comes to get several trees out of the way, it is NOT a do-it-yourself job. You want an experienced removal service.

Top Reasons for Clearing Land

  1. Trees are dead, dying, or diseased and have become unstable.
  2. To clear the way for construction, renovation, and road building.
  3. Trees have been severely damaged by a storm.
  4. They are creating liability and maintenance issues.

More businesses, construction firms, and homeowners are purchasing slices of undeveloped land. Often that property is loaded with trees that will need to be removed to prepare it for its intended use. You need a tree company with plenty of man-power and years of experience to successfully clear a lot. That’s where we come in. Our tree service crews are highly-skilled and safety trained. We guarantee service that is efficient, with people and property protected.

Clearing Land: How we Protect Other Trees and Nearby Buildings

  1. A series of ropes and pulleys is employed – and sometimes a bucket truck.
  2. Each tree is literally disassembled in pieces – starting at the top.
  3. The section to be removed is tied off.
  4. A precise cut is made with a chain saw. The location of the cut controls the direction the limb or branch comes off.
  5. That portion is lowered safely to the ground using the rope and pulley system.
  6. The process is under control the whole time and continues one section at a time.
  7. Stump grinding comes next – down to below the soil line.
  8. Roots are ground and/or pulled from the ground.
  9. The stump “hole” is filled.
  10. The land is graded and smoothed.

Clearing Land Down to a Bare Lot

When an empty lot is the goal, you still can’t just start cutting wood near the soil line and shout, “timber”. The direction the fall must be planned, otherwise you’ll have trees slamming into surrounding trees, getting hung up, and nothing will come all of the way down. Often, the first group to be cleared must be handled with ropes and pulleys, and then others can be felled by controlling the direction of the fall.

TIP: If the trees to be removed are a valuable species such as walnut, oak or hickory you may want to find a buyer who will turn the wood into usable lumber, or at least into firewood. These are all things we can take care of for you.

Why You Need a Professional

Clearing land is far more complicated than taking down one tree on open land. When there are nearby buildings, a grove of growth, or you are trying to save some and get rid of others, removal gets tricky.

  • It is dangerous for the untrained. People get hurt and property damaged far too often and needlessly when professional services are safe and affordable.
  • Trees can become tangled in power lines and become a hazard. Waiting for the utility crews means unnecessary delays in your project.

TIP: Avoid liability issues. You may find a cheap price from some guy with a chainsaw and a pickup truck. That raises liability issues for you, the landowner, if he or anyone around gets hurt, or if property is damaged.

No Chemicals

Our team is fast working, thorough and courteous. It’s important to note that we’re a green tree company and use absolutely no chemicals when performing removal of trees or stumps.

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